Clayton Hansen - Hand-painted Signage, Photographer, and Graphic Designer

info (pricing & preparation guidelines)


• A formal quote must be made up due to the varying nature from event to event. Please include as much detail as you can in order to get an accurate quote.

Please see PREPARATION GUIDELINES to the left on this page to see a list of questions to help us make a quote

If quote is needed, please contact me via the form on my contact page


• Portrait Pricing ranges from $275 - $500 depending on time and amount of photos required.

(pricing is subject to change without notice)

  • See my preparation guidelines on the left of this page to know what to expect from a shoot

• Please contact me for pricing of portraits packages


  • Registered with pro print lab
  • Standard printing and Metallic printing
  • Custom albums
  • Canvas gallery quality wraps

Please contact me for rates

Please contact at the Contact Page for any questions or requests.

Event photography

A few common questions to have in mind to help accurately quote you:

  • What is the budget for this project?
  • How many hours will my services be required?
  • What time of the day will this be?
  • Which date will you need this for?
  • Do you require on site prints?
  • Is there power on the location that I would have access to?
  • Will tables and linens for them be provided?
  • Would you need a photobooth setup? Background paper with stand or natural on site backdrop, props, decorations for photo booth?
  • Are you wanting digital copies of the photos taken?

Portrait Photography

For any shoot it is essential to prepare yourself. It is not only important to come well fed and watered before a shoot, but to come well rested as some shoots can be tedious of the mind and the body.

It never hurts to arrive with a selection of multiple outfits to fit the shoot the best we can. Let me know any of the ideas you have brainstormed, so that we can come together with perfect results

Please reach out for any questions or concerns on my contact page